Reasons to choose Herschel

Person radiating heat out to a cold environment

Our new video explaining infrared heating technology.

Infrared heating is the fastest growing of the new, alternative heating technologies on the market.  A low energy heating solution that can be powered by renewables, in a future where energy storage is commonplace, it's no wonder why such an easy to install, maintenance free solution is being adopted by…

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Select XL white infrared panel heater Herschel UK website

Herschel Infrared launches UK dedicated website

Herschel is pleased to announce the launch of its new Herschel UK website The website is designed to help support, and drive sales, through Herschel’s UK distributors and installers.  These include all national Electrical Wholesalers, including Edmundson Electrical, Rexel (WF Senate, Newey & Eyre, Denmans, Wilts) Yesss Electrical and…

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Herschel’s brand new video explaining Far Infrared

We are thrilled to introduce to you our brand new video on Far Infrared heating technology.  How does Herschel Far Infrared heating work and why is it more energy efficient than convection heating? A video to demonstrate how radiant objects, including humans, absorb and emit far infrared heat .  If…

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Professional Builder reviews Herschel Select XL

    Professional Builder magazine outlines how easy it is to install our Herschel Select XL panel, seen here being mounted in an attic games room.  

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Herschel beats new, low energy ‘eco’ solutions

There is now a huge choice of alternative heating systems to gas on the market but it is very difficult for the consumer to compare the costs of the various solutions available to them.  As well as key factors like ease of installation and control, together with the increasing world focus…

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Going out? Keep warm with Herschel.

Herschel Far infrared panel and space heaters add a touch of style to any pub, restaurant or hotel interior and/or exterior. Whether warming diners in the restaurant, sippers in the bar, or guests enjoying a coffee on the terrace, Herschel has the answer. Infrared heating has huge potential because of…

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Electrical Times: Pathway for heat

The Electrical Times, March 2016, outlines why consumers are switching to Herschel Far Infrared over other heating solutions.

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Astonishing results from Herschel heaters in drying out flooded property

See details on how effective our far infrared heaters have been in drying out a flood-hit home in Cumbria. Declared dry after 44 days. This compares to predictions of at least 16 weeks, using conventional dehumidifier methods, for similar houses in the area.  

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