“We’re absolutely delighted with all of our infrared heaters”.

We’re absolutely delighted with all of our infrared heaters. We started by installing these into our summerhouse and were so impressed by the glorious heat that they give out that we have started fitting them throughout our entire home.

They’re an ideal solution for our remote property, one that has no vehicle access, and is in a village that does not benefit from gas. So our only solutions were storage heaters or air / ground source heat pumps.

We are delighted with the Herschel heaters that we’ve installed, they are cost effective, easy to install, and allow us to transform our home on a room-by-room basis as opposed to having to find the huge cost of installing some of the alternative systems.

They also have the huge added benefit of preventing condensation, reducing damp  and generally being vastly better for your health than typical radiator based heating systems. We absolutely love them.