Herschel Infrared Case Studies Heated Yoga Studio

Heated Yoga Studio

Customer brief: To provide heating for warm yoga classes in a popular yoga studio

Warm yoga studio - maintaining a constant natural heat


The owner of a yoga studio in Surrey, UK, purpose built for yoga, was looking for a heating solution that would provide just the right level of heating for their warm yoga sessions. They were keen that the studio maintain the desired temperature consistently, as required, throughout the yoga sessions.


Herschel Select White far infrared panels were ceiling mounted in the studio.  ‘The studio maintains a constant natural heat which feels pleasantly like the warmth of the sun, ensuring you stay warm whether you’re reaching for the sky in your warrior poses or sinking into the earth in savasana’.


“Harbour Yoga installed Herschel Infrared panels to provide heating for Warm yoga classes at the studio. The panels are discreet and unobtrusive. They function extremely well, creating a warmth that students really love.


The service from Herschel has been excellent, any issues have been dealt with extremely quickly and professionally. To summarise, we have found the panels to be an excellent product for our needs, from a great company to work with”.  Vicky, Farnham.  Images courtesy of Harbour Yoga.


Herschel has also provided heaters for studios offering hot yoga classes. For these environments we recommend our space heaters which can achieve the hotter temperatures, when properly specified. Please contact us for more info.


Far Infrared heaters are used in modern infrared saunas and are perceived by many in the health industry to offer health benefits such as encouraging healthy metabolism. The wavelength they emit is in the vital range of heat radiated from the human body itself, making it a very natural form of heat and now widely used for hot yoga studios and spas. Read more
An ideal solution for sports & leisure facilities: comfortable heat, easy to install, eliminates moisture. Read more