Outdoor heaters

Outdoor heaters

Love life and live outdoors with the new Herschel range

In recent years there has been a huge shift towards indoor spaces that open up into outdoor spaces and entertaining and relaxing outdoors.

Until now heating these areas has been difficult. Most outdoor heaters are unattractive and produce an uncomfortable glare. This has all changed and Herschel has specially developed a range of high quality, high performance, stylish heaters that are ideal for these situations.

All our heaters are built to the highest standards, are energy efficient and maintenance free with long lifetimes.

For exposed outdoor areas we recommend warm glow heaters from our Sunset range. For indoor and sheltered outdoor areas our zero light heaters are the perfect choice. All heaters are suitable for domestic and commercial use.

Herschel California 2000R heating a terrace

Sunset Range – warm glow

Herschel California and Colorado heaters are perfect for socialising outdoors at home or for commercial areas including bars, restaurants and café terraces. Recommended where instant heat and high power are required but without the invasive light and intense heat quartz halogen outdoor heaters on the market.

California and Colorado feature Herschel’s powerful, long life and energy efficient carbon fibre lamp. This produces a pleasant ambience and warm orange soft glow, with a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours.

With its cutting edge design, the 2.0kw California is re-defining outdoor heating and is the most stylish outdoor heater of its kind. Complete with remote control and available in silver, black and limited edition gold, California is sure to impress.

The Herschel Colorado combines a tasteful and sleek design with a powerful 2.5kw output. Available with or without remote control, Colorado is a versatile heater and is guaranteed to keep you comfortably warm, whatever the weather.

Both heaters offer high weather protection for outdoor installation and can be mounted on a portable stand (available separately).

Herschel Summit 2500 Heating an alfresco dining area

Zero Light Range

For indoor-outdoor heating our zero light range is for you. Perfect for sheltered areas with low air movement and where light from the heater is not wanted, our Summit and Aspect XL heaters deliver gentle and but effective heating. They are ideal where a more permanent heat is required such as semi-enclosed restaurants and bars, balconies, conservatories and covered patios.

Summit features Herschel’s powerful 2.6kw heating element and is available with or without remote. Slimline and unobtrusive, Summit can wall ceiling mounted, suspended or wall mounted.

Aspect XL is a compact high performance heater utilising our energy efficient ceramic elements. Ideal for wall mounting, Aspect XL is a contemporary design and is backed up with our 5 year warranty.

Mix & Match
Mix and match warm glow Sunset heaters for your more exposed areas with our Zero Light range for sheltered and indoor areas.

  • 5 yr Warranty
    2 Sizes

    FROM $449.00

    Key Features:

    • Zero light designer heater
    • High power black ceramic elements
    • Black powder-coated aluminium
    • Manufactured in Europe
    • Indoor or covered outdoor use
    • Wall mount only
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  • 2 yr Warranty
    2 Sizes

    FROM $549.00

    Key Features:

    • Zero light infrared heater
    • 2.6kW powerful Herschel Kanthal elements
    • With or without remote control
    • Remote model has 2 power settings & timer
    • Wall or ceiling mount
    • Indoor or sheltered outdoor use
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  • 2 yr Warranty
    1 Sizes

    $319.00 ex. Tax

    Key Features:

    • Designer heater, ultra-low glare
    • Black, silver or gold finish
    • Handy remote control
    • 2kW high power carbon lamp
    • 2 power levels, 9 hour timer
    • Ideal for heating patios
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  • 2 yr Warranty
    2 Sizes

    FROM $359.00

    Key Features:

    • Warm glow, ultra-low glare heater
    • 2.5kW high power carbon lamp
    • With or without remote control
    • 4 power levels & timer on remote model
    • Optional stand for free-standing use
    • Ideal for workshops and patios
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  • 2 yr Warranty
    2 Sizes

    $229.00 ex. Tax

    Key Features:

    • Low glare infrared outdoor heater
    • Aluminium, in black or white finish
    • Compact, ideal for parasol mounting
    • 2kW high performance halogen lamp
    • Long life, quality components
    • Suitable for commercial use
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