Commercial Hot Yoga Packs (black)
FROM $4,599.00 ex. Tax
Zero light infrared Summit heater for hot yoga and Bikram - Black
360 Zero light infrared Summit heater for hot yoga and Bikram - Black MD2 Mains Powered WiFi Smart Thermostat Herschel heating for games room with Summit 2600 Herschel hot yoga heating with Summit black Ceiling mounted Herschel Infrared Summit heaters Covered outdoor heating with Hershcel Summit white Home hot yoga studio with black infrared heater and smart in line thermostat

Commercial Hot Yoga Packs (black)

FROM $4,599.00 ex. Tax

Herschel commercial hot yoga packages provide the perfect solution for any hot yoga / Bikram studio. Available in four sizes, you can choose the pack that suits you and your space. All packages come complete with our MD2 in line thermostat and APX Control System providing everything you need to control and manage your hot yoga heating. The MD2 in line thermostat allows for manual control or smart programming using the in-built touchscreen, or via the SmartLife app on your mobile device.


Each pack includes:

    • High performance Summit heaters
    • Touchscreen MD2 in line thermostat
    • APX Control System
    • Available in black or white

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4 Heaters, MD2 & APX 4 (240V)

59 x 6.3in

Up to 300ft²




6 Heaters, MD2 & APX 6 (240V)

59 x 6.3in

Up to 425ft²




8 Heaters, MD2 & APX 8 (240V)

59 x 6.3in

Up to 550ft²




10 Heaters, MD2 & APX 10 (240V)

59 x 6.3in

Up to 700ft²




12 Heaters, MD2 & APX 12 (240V)

59 x 6.3in

Up to 850ft²



3 to 4 weeks

5 year warranty

Reduce heating Cost

Energy efficient

Easy Installation

Zero Maintenance

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  • Description


    The Herschel Infrared Summit Black heaters enable a hot yoga experience that takes you back to its origins, where yoga was performed in the warmth of the summer sun. The therapeutic heat of the hot summer sun directly warms your body, and not the air around you, helping to loosen muscles, resulting in greater flexibility. The Summit Black is specifically designed to enhance this further with its specialized infrared output, with zero light emitted. Utilizing the latest Kanthal AF heating elements and finished with a GE IR enhancing coating, the Summit Black can reach temperatures of up to 105°F when specified correctly for your space, enabling you to create an ideal environment for hot yoga. The Summit Black is manufactured to commercial standards allowing it to be used in both large commercial studios as well as from the comfort of your home with our hot yoga packages that include everything you need to get started.

    With the choice of *four sizes, you can choose the pack that suits you. Each carefully crafted package includes our high-performance Summit Black heaters as well as our MD2 in line thermostat and our specifically designed APX Control System. The APX Control System provides everything you need to control and power your heaters, with in-built Contact Relays sized specifically to the package you choose. The MD2 in line thermostat enables both manual and smart programming via its in-built touchscreen or via the SmartLife mobile app when you connect it to WiFi. The APX provides all you need to install and manage your hot yoga system.

    At 240V, each Summit Black maintains an output of up to 2.6kW despite its compact size, meaning you can warm your studio without sacrificing much valuable ceiling or wall space as you would with infrared panel heaters or infrared cove heaters. Infrared panels and infrared cove heaters have much lower power outputs and surface temperatures, making it difficult to maintain the necessary environment for hot yoga. We have chosen to create hot yoga packages using our powerful Summit Black heaters to ensure you get the simple and effective hot yoga experience you’re after. The Herschel Summit Black has high-quality components built to commercial standards and an increased surface temperature of up to 392°F, allowing it to easily achieve the target temperatures for prolonged periods. The Summit Black has been designed from the ground up with commercial hot yoga and Bikram in mind meaning you are guaranteed performance and quality whether installed in a domestic or commercial hot yoga environment.

    Please visit the respective pages for each component for additional information:

    *The square footage guides are based on medium to well-insulated spaces with target temperatures of 105°F. For the best performance, ensure your space is below the stated square foot coverage.

  • Technical

    Technical Specifications

    Heater Type: Fixed electric high temperature infrared heater

    Surface: Structured Aluminium surface with black coating

    Colour: Black

    Rear Case: Extruded, anodised aluminium

    Surface Temperature: 662°F

    Cable Length: 78.7in

    Plug: No plug

    Voltage: 240V 60Hz

    Protection Class: IP64

    Installation: Wall or ceiling mounted

    Heating Element: Herschel Kanthal AF

    Warm-up Time: <10 Minutes

    Useful Wavelength: 3 - 10µm

    Quality & Safety


    UL / CSA Compliance: UL 2021:2015 Ed.4+R:14Dec2016, CSA C22.2#46:2013 Ed.9

    Warranty: 5 Years

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Zero light infrared Summit heater for hot yoga and Bikram - Black

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