Outdoor patio heaters used by an inspiring school’s newly renovated outdoor training cafe

We are thrilled to have recently had the privilege to visit a fantastic school and learn about an inspiring project that the school’s head teacher and staff have completed, their aim being to enhance the learning and opportunities their pupils will experience whilst in their care. Herschel’s outdoor patio heaters have been used to heat the café’s terrace.

school heating

Three ways School, a Community Special School in Bath providing for children with a wide range of special educational needs, spent a total of seven years fundraising to enable the opening of their 3 Café & Kitchen. A purpose-built café and training centre, the 3 Café & Kitchen provides the children with the capability to undertake supervised work experience in a café environment.  This opportunity, together with the option to earn a recognised qualification in subjects such as food hygiene and hospitality, can greatly facilitate the transition into the workplace for those pupils wishing to do.

Herschel Colorado heater

The café opened in 2017 and has since seen the opening of the spacious outdoor seating area, providing a larger area to enjoy the treats served up by the kitchen staff and their trainee students.

Herschel were contacted by Three Ways School and their contractors to see if we could assist in the provision of heating for the new outdoor café area so that even more visitors could enjoy the lovely outdoor setting during both chillier times as well as on those evening occasions when the outdoor area is open.

After meeting with Herschel Infrared the School installed 6 Herschel Colorado heaters which were wall-mounted around the seated area. The Colorado provides warmth for outdoor areas from a tasteful, sleek design that emits a pleasant soft glow, avoiding the harsh glare from alternative quartz halogen heaters on the market. The Colorado heaters are controlled via a handy remote ensuring quick and simple use.

Herschel outdoor terrace heaters    Herschel infrared Colorado heater for outdoors

Amelia Hartley, Business Manager at Three Ways School, commented “We’ve been thrilled with the support from a whole host of local companies in helping us complete our project – the newly installed Herschel heaters are a great addition to our outdoor seating area helping visitors to enjoy the space in comfort”.

Sam Abel, Marketing Manager at Herschel Infrared, commented “Being able to contribute in some small way towards this school’s project to create a lovely outdoor space, so the café can cater to even more customers, has been a real pleasure. The work the School does is fantastic. And the development of the café to provide practical skills and accreditations for their kids, so as to assist them in gaining work placements beyond school, is inspiring.  It’s a perfect first experience for these kids with additional educational needs, different to the school learning environment – providing them with work experience in a supportive and less challenging environment.

We cannot recommend their homemade cakes and scones highly enough. Definitely worth a visit to enjoy the surroundings and see the Three Ways pupils thriving in this very positive venture”.

3 Café & Kitchen, Bath (at Three Ways School).

colorado heating school terrace

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